This WIKI is based on the CRATER COMPARISONS activity. This research engagement activity, focuses on impact craters and is designed to help you gain experience in each step involved in the process of science (see image below).

This EEAB CRATER COMPARISON WIKI is designed as a:
  1. SAMPLE WIKI: If you are a student team who wishes to share your team research on your own EEAB Team Wiki, this WIKI should provide you with ideas as to how to populate information in each section of your wiki.
  2. ONLINE CRATER COMPARISONS ACTIVITY: The Crater Comparisons activity can be done by downloading and printing the Crater Comparisons Student Guide OR you can utilize this WIKI to work through the activity.

As you complete this research activity, you will be modeling the skills and practices used by STEM professionals. As you work through this activity, consider the following possibilities:
  • Request your own EEAB Team Wiki to share your research on impact craters.
  • Expanding on the research initiated through this activity/wiki.
  • Initiate your own unique research investigation on a topic/question of your choosing.

As scientists conduct research they address each of the steps listed in the above graphic illustrating the process of science.