For your master data table, collect and compile your data for all 8 images of craters on Earth. As you will also be collecting data from other planetary worlds, use the planetary data table (structured in an identical format) as needed.

For this page it is recommended that you post your finalized master data table(s) on this page. One option is to take a screen shot of your data table AND upload your finalized excel spreadsheet.

Additional information:
It is important to log your data consistently. Notice on the data table provided, the column headings provide specific details as to the information you should log. For example, the column heading for crater diameter states "Crater Diameter (km)". This means that when you log the diameter of the crater you only need to include the actual diameter as a number. You do not need to include km with each entry. By including (km) in the column title, it signifies that all diameters logged are in km. crater diameter should be logged in kilometers (km). This will allow you to later sort information on your spreadsheet if desired.

The choices listed for the visible observations are very specific choices that will also allow you to make common comparisons among Earth craters as well as your observations of craters on other planetary worlds. Make additions or changes as you see fit...just make sure you are consistent as you log your data.
Planetary Data Table

Collect and compile additional data on the provided excel spreadsheet. Make changes/adjustments as you see fit. Be sure to log your data consistently. The excel spreadsheet file below (CraterInvestigationEarthv1a.xls) is the same as the one provided on a previous page. The excel spreadsheet for you to log and collect planetary data is also available below (CraterInvestigationPlanetaryv1a.xls). If you prefer to print and write on the documents, download the pdf files.

This does not apply to this introductory investigation. If you wish to expand on your Earth-based research of craters beyond these 8 initial craters, you would have the opportunity to put in a request for new data to be acquired from by astronauts on the International Space Station. Data requests forms are available at: