1. Downloadable Guides

  • Crater Comparison Teacher Guide:

  • Crater Comparison Student Guide (Fillable document): NOTE: This document can be downloaded and saved to a local computer. Students can type in and save their answers using Adobe Reader.

2. Data Collection Tables

  • Data Collection Table (as a pdf file and excel file):

3. Crater Images

  • Craters (EARTH):

  • Craters (EARTH's MOON):

  • Craters (MARS):

  • Craters (MERCURY):

  • Craters (VENUS):

  • Craters (VESTA):

4. Crater Image Metadata

  • Earth and Planetary Crater Images Metadata (ALL Planetary Worlds listed above):

5. Analysis & Interpretation Tables

  • Analysis and Interpretation of Data Table (Blank):

  • SUMMARY TABLE Analysis and Interpretation of Data Table (Blank):

6. Other

(This spreadsheet has been updated to include the lat/lon of craters on Earth)

  • Planetary Information:

7. Activity PPT

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